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#FTWorx Conference

Last week the #FTWorx conference of Global Business Research took place in Berlin, our CEO Jonas Szalanczi was one of the guests!

The two days of the conference were full of interesting presentations. Among other things, about how global players manage their digital transformation, where they are right now and how they solve the challenges on the way to Industry 4.0.

We are pleased to note that the majority opinion is that highly skilled experts (internal or external) are needed to develop their own AI solutions due to the complexity of data-driven projects. Another option would be to rely on a digital solution that shines in this particular category to focus on the core business. The industry is evolving at the speed of light.

In addition, we had the opportunity to present our use case for AI on 5G together with Alon Arnon, from Asocs and Steffen Weichselbaum, from Seven Principles, and demonstrate our AI live demo to everyone in person.

Most participants see the AI solution and the processes behind it as an adapter to their existing BigData stores.

There was also a separate discussion about KPI`s for digital AI solutions. Overall, the participants agreed that it is particularly important to adapt these as part of the agile iterative development cycle and to steadily increase them from another framework, the MvP phase, to productive use.

In addition, together with Max Böhm from Covalyze, we presented our success story "How artificial intelligence and BigData can take your procurement department to the next level", which included:

  • How you can improve your procurement process and negotiations with digital data.

  • How AI can help you gain critical insights into your suppliers' strengths and weaknesses

  • Learn how critical insights from procurement can support your development team

  • Enable AI-powered negotiations with unprecedented insights for your procurement department

Thank you to everyone involved in the #FTWorx conference and we are already looking forward to #FTWorx in 2023!

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