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Discover how NeuroForge can help you to unlock your full potential


Our experts have a combined knowledge in the field of AI, Big Data and computer science of more than 100 years.


We help to use modern tech developments for your convenience, so that you can stay ahead of the competition. From basic consulting to the establishment of an own R&D department -

We´ve got you covered!

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NeuroForge Technology Consulting dashboard example

SWOT Workshop

Our expert team conducts an in-depth analysis of your current technological situation, to detect your SWOT. Learn how to improve specific areas and how to use current technological innovations for your company´s goals!

AI And Big Data Workshop

Book our AI in-depth workshop and learn how to use current language learning models (LLM) like GPT-4 or LLaMA in the best way possible. Or choose our Big Data workshop and get more insights why data science matter and what you can do to improve your data culture.

R&D - (Interim) CTO

Our consulting service goes beyond analyses and workshops. You need an experienced (interim) CTO to set-up your own computer science R&D department? You need a sparring partner for your ideation processes? Then we are the partner you are looking for!

NeuroForge interim CTO - picture of Martin Braun
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