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Success Story: Seda Waste Dashboard

The Optimal Production Process Using Big Data and Business Intelligence

Seda turned to NeuroForge for a secure, smooth, and efficient operation in their production process.

The goals were:

  • Cleaning the existing data

  • Processing and storing the data

  • Visualizing the data in dashboards

Seda is a manufacturer specialized in paper-based cups, containers, and folding cartons for the food industry. Their mission is to provide the most innovative sustainable packaging solutions and offer their customers the highest quality and superior service.

Seda comprises ten operational companies in Europe and North America, with headquarters in Italy. It houses key corporate functions, including research and development, as well as the Sustainability Corporate Center.

During the data implementation, Seda encountered challenges in data extraction and cleansing. This is where NeuroForge came into play to support Seda in overcoming this challenge.

The project aimed to provide Seda with a solution that would allow them to analyze their production data quickly and easily and gain the insights needed to reduce the number of defects during production. Furthermore, the focus was on cost reduction and overall process optimization along the entire value chain.

NeuroForge received a large production database from Seda and started working on it. They analyzed the data and identified key areas for improvement. With their expertise in data analysis and software development, they created a customized solution that provided Seda with a live dashboard displaying real-time production data. The developed software is a business intelligence solution. The dashboard enabled Seda to monitor their production process quickly and easily and identify areas for improvement.

Mr. Meier explained how Seda benefited from NeuroForge's new solution and what recommendation he would give to other companies:

How did you benefit from using our services?

"We were looking for a service provider with expertise in analyzing large data volumes in a production environment. NeuroForge is exactly the right partner for us. Additionally, the project benefited from fast decision-making processes and best-practice approaches."

How did our services help you achieve your goal?

"NeuroForge quickly familiarized themselves with the issue in collaboration with our database expert. Additionally, the outlined solution approaches led to success quickly, so we can demonstrate excellent project achievements through close collaboration."

What would you say to other companies facing the same challenges you did?

"When we realized that using internal resources would require a massive time investment to process and analyze our existing production data, we made the crucial decision to engage NeuroForge for data processing and analysis. Thanks to their existing expertise, we quickly achieved the desired project success."

Quote from Martin Braun:

"Thanks to the expertise and experience of our team, we were able to overcome the IT challenges and deliver solutions that make a real difference to our customers' businesses. We look forward to the next steps."

NeuroForge worked closely with the customer throughout the entire innovation process to identify and solve the challenges. Through this close collaboration, a solution for the company's hurdle was developed within a few months. In the future, further collaboration can be based on this foundation.


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