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ProFeed: Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Routine

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the ProFeed Beta, a new development by NeuroForge designed to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience.

ProFeed acts as a central hub for all your Teams messages. It's more than just a dashboard; it's a comprehensive solution for managing communications across various Teams groups. Whether you're part of one team or multiple, ProFeed offers streamlined control over your messages.

 Key Features of the ProFeed Beta:

  • Central message management: All messages from different Teams accounts in one place.

  • Easy forwarding: Jump to the message in Teams without extensive searching.

  • Desktop-optimized: For a seamless experience without limitations.

ProFeed is suitable for any Teams user, whether you're in a single group or part of multiple teams. It's designed to facilitate easier coordination and ensure you never miss important communications. We're also working on additional filters and tools to further enhance your experience.

Riht now, we're looking for beta testers and would greatly appreciate your feedback. Join as a beta tester, share your thoughts, and get a sweet 50% off your first monthly subscription. Plus, you might even win a yearly subscription to "ProFeed Business Teams."

How to Participate? 

  • Simply register for the Beta at

  • Try out ProFeed and see how it benefits your Teams experience.

  • Share your feedback with us to gain exclusive benefits.

Be a part of this exciting development in Teams communication by registering for the ProFeed Beta. Your participation is instrumental in shaping the future of this innovative tool.


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