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Sponsoring of elefantracing e.V. Saison 22/23

What is elephantracing and who is behind it?

Teaser Rollout FR20 I Elefant Racing Bayreuth

To establish the Formula Student racing project at the University of Bayreuth and provide technology-enthusiastic students with the opportunity to extend their education beyond their studies, the non-profit recognized association Elefant Racing e.V. was founded on March 10, 2004.

As an annual student "startup," new enthusiastic students continue the project each year and independently develop a formula racing car, driven by motivation, commitment, and tremendous learning success.

Within the framework of this project, the association aims to offer and financially support project, bachelor, and master theses in cooperation with various departments. This approach aims to improve the quality of engineering and business education and make it more practical-oriented in terms of meeting the requirements of the job market.

Recently, "driverless racing/autonomous driving" has also become a theme in Formula Student, and the individual teams work hard each year to bring the best (fastest) driverless car onto the road using AI, Big Data, and sensor technology.

Source: ©Formula Student Germany

Why do NeuroForge and Elefant Racing fit together?

NeuroForge, as a high-tech service provider for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, aims to support the exceptional achievements of the students. The practical and project experience, as well as the new challenges, not only form a strong team every year but also demonstrate the high technical level that students from Bayreuth possess.

What could be a better fit than a young high-tech company and an amazing racing team!

The energy, enthusiasm, and expertise that the members bring are simply outstanding. We are delighted from the bottom of our hearts to be able to support Elefant Racing for the first time this year and wish you the best of luck for the 2022/23 season! Martin Braun, Geschäftsführer NeuroForge

As a Bayreuth-based company, we are particularly delighted to support the team as a sponsor for the first time and look forward to a great collaboration! A big thank you to the team and the board for giving us a very warm welcome as sponsors! We will follow and accompany the Elefant Racing season on our channels and look forward to seeing our company logo on various clothing items or cars in the futu


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