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One year NeuroForge

31 January 2020. Today is the day! NeuroForge has now been in existence for over a year.

NeuroForge was founded by 5 founders who recognised a gap in the market with a lot of potential:

Especially companies from the manufacturing industry can benefit greatly from the new possibilities in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data and predictive maintenance.

We are happy to pave the way to Industry 4.0 for companies, or to profitably expand existing approaches and plans.

This is precisely the support we offer in a holistic concept - the implementation of customised AI/software solution, accompanied by employee seminars and workshops to guarantee successful introduction and application.

In the past year, we have already been able to profitably demonstrate our competence on several occasions with orders from renowned companies.

Just in time for our first anniversary, we have developed our latest product, NeuroForge Compose, from the needs of the production industry:

This will provide companies with the crux of the transition to Industry 4.0,

the flexible, reliable and secure ingestion of large amounts of data.

This data warehouse solution also lays a solid foundation for software developments in the direction of artificial intelligence.

We are grateful for all the opportunities that have already presented themselves to us and look forward to many new challenges and projects that await us.

So we say, "So happy birthday NeuroForge and hello NF Compose!"


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