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NeuroForge on Procurecon 2022

ProcureCon 22 is the flagship event for global procurement managers, decision-makers, and technical managers of large companies. This year, the future of the procurement industry was defined in Barcelona.

When uncertainty rules the world and businesses are getting ready for the economic downturn, procurement executives are driving the commercial stability of their organizations. It's crucial to balance digital innovations and sustainable initiatives against a backdrop of global instability and spiraling prices. These were the main challenges discussed between attendees at ProcureCon 2022. The event was held from 27.09 - 29.09.2022, and CEO of NeuroForge, as well as CTO of Valunoo GmbH and their product COVALYZE, Jonas Szalanczi participated in it.

The line-up of exhibitors and sponsors was exciting and interesting. In addition to exciting keynotes and informative lectures and workshops, ProcureCon 22 was primarily focused on exhibitors. We were able to explain the advantages and the idea of COVALYZE in more detail to enthusiastic trade fair visitors and experts and to show why the idea of COVALYZE will take the purchasing departments of many large companies to the next level by activating unused purchasing potential.

Moreover, Together with Christian Haas and Maximilian Böhm, after the presentation of COVALYZE, we won the pitch of the Dragon's Den 22. We would like to thank the organizer Popcorn, and also the rest of the COVALYZE team, as well as all those we had the opportunity to meet during the event and to connect with in informative conversations. Looking forward to taking part in ProcureCon 2023!



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