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From working student to bachelor thesis - NeuroForge as inspiration

Jana, you are a working student at NeuroForge and now you are writing your bachelor's thesis. Where are you studying and what?

Hey, I'm studying Business Administration in the 8th semester of my bachelor's degree at the University of Bayreuth.

Since when have you been working at NeuroForge, and how did it happen?

I have been working at NeuroForge since November 1, 2022. The story behind it is quite funny. I took a sabbatical from March to September 2022 to complete a 6-month internship. After that, I wanted to start working as a working student in a company in Bayreuth. Due to a last-minute change, it didn't work out with the first company, but I was given Jonas' email address, whom I contacted. After an interview, I signed a contract with NeuroForge.

Jana Kindermann at work and at the team event with NeuroForge. What exactly is your area of responsibility at NeuroForge?

Mainly, I work in the marketing department. Here, I have been heavily involved in content creation and website design. Additionally, I write posts for our website as well as for our social media accounts. On the side, I was responsible for organizing our summer team event.

You have now reached the end of your studies and are writing your bachelor's thesis. What is your topic, and how did you come up with it?

I am writing my bachelor's thesis at the Chair of Production and Logistics with the title: "Digitalization of the Food Industry - Promoting Sustainability through Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics." Through my daily contact with NeuroForge and the field of digitalization, I was familiar with the terms business intelligence and predictive analytics. After already writing a seminar paper on a specific area of the food industry, I found inspiration for my bachelor's thesis. Sustainability is currently a very important topic in the industry, and as my interest in it is significant, I decided to combine these various areas. With the help of Jonas, I further developed my ideas and submitted a proposal to the chair. The focus of my bachelor's thesis now lies on the application of BI and PA in agriculture, utilizing deep learning and smart services.

What are your future plans?

The bachelor's thesis has already been registered and must be submitted by October 31st. Until then, I will focus on my work and learn a lot about the field of digitalization in business administration. In October, I will begin my master's degree in Bayreuth and hopefully continue to be a part of the NeuroForge team.

Jana Kindermann has become a valuable part of NeuroForge. As a working student, she reliably supports us from the beginning in the areas of marketing and social media. She is digitally savvy and highly motivated.

Martin Braun, Geschäftsführer NeuroForge


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