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Equal Equity: Tokenisation Of Real Estate - Made In Bayreuth

A success all along the line for the start-up location Bayreuth. The start-up team Equal Equity, mentored by our managing director Jonas Szalanczi as a business mentor, was able to achieve 2nd place in the €5 business plan competition and thus take home €600 for their start-up. The 3 founders Flavio Trautmann, Leopold Fischer-Brandies and Maxim Zöllner-Kojnov have every reason to be proud!

Who is Equal Equity

The aim of Equal Equity is to create a portal for tokenised real estate. The ownership of an investment property is divided into so-called security tokens. These shares can then be acquired and traded by investors. This makes it possible to invest in a property for less than 100 euros. This gives investors the opportunity to participate in real estate projects with a small budget. The Equal Equity portal lists such tokenised properties in order to increase their visibility, comparability and transparency.

"The Tokenized Podcast"

They not only decided to set up their own company with a business model, but also to develop an individual podcast concept as part of the marketing campaign and to cast top-class guests (Prof. Dr. Gilbert Fidgen, Kilian Trautmann). This resulted in "The Tokenized Podcast" and you can listen to the podcast on Spotify here!

Episode 4 of "The Tokenized Podcast" with Prof. Dr Gilbert Fridgen

What comes out of passion and hard work can be seen wonderfully in the Equal Equity team.
With determination, the necessary seriousness and a lot of know-how on the subject of tokenisation, they have earned 2nd place right down the line! It was simply an incredible pleasure to work with the Equal Equity team.

Jonas Szalanczi - Geschäftsführer NeuroForge GmbH & Co. KG

The whole NeuroForge team congratulates Equal Equity on this strong performance, welcomes you to the Bayreuth region and looks forward to working together and on projects.

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