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Remote working rethought

For NeuroForge, working in remote mode has been a fundamental principle from the beginning. The goal was to create a company that offers many benefits. Working in a remote environment not only has advantages such as a non-linear workday or the ability to work from anywhere in the world, but also ecological benefits. No one has to commute anymore, saving time and eliminating the need to travel to work.

During the times of a pandemic, most companies struggled to solve the office problem. However, NeuroForge continued to work and even managed to grow consistently. By 2021, our first Business Administration student from Zurich, Switzerland, started working, followed by our Marketing Manager from Lviv, Ukraine. By now, NeuroForge has employees from all over the world, from Germany and the Czech Republic to Ukraine and Brazil. The cultural exchange within the team brings many advantages, such as different perspectives and international influences that can always be taken into account.

Therefore, almost 2 years ago, we decided to rethink the digital office using the software Workadventure:

Workadventure is a web-based collaborative workspace presented in the form of a 16-bit video game.

In Workadventure, you can navigate your office and talk to your colleagues (through a video chat system that is triggered when you approach someone).

One of the main advantages of working in remote mode with Workadventure is the flexibility it offers. You can work from home and have the freedom to create your own schedule. This can lead to improved work-life balance and increased productivity. Additionally, the feeling of isolation often associated with remote work is mitigated by the ability to communicate with colleagues in real-time.

Furthermore, within Workadventure, NeuroForge has built a completely new office with more spaces and group rooms to bring everyone together. This allows the team to have the feeling of a real office where they can easily conduct meetings, brainstorming sessions, and team-building activities. This feature of Workadventure allows remote workers to have the best of both worlds—the flexibility and convenience of working from home and the collaborative and social benefits of working in an office.

This is our office with our different working areas.

Here is a section of our office:

Here you can see the entrance to our office. On the left side, we have a large office space with private workstations. This is where people have important meetings or tasks that require uninterrupted focus. On the right side, we have our bathrooms and cloakroom. In this picture, you can see our occupied offices and meeting rooms. People are working on their individual projects but can always engage in conversations to discuss plans and solutions. In our meeting rooms, we gather for new projects or discussions with a few people. Unser Garten gibt uns die Möglichkeit, eine Pause zu machen oder uns täglich um 12 Uhr zu einem Meeting zusammenzutreffen. Hier tauschen wir uns über unsere Projekte aus und geben jedem einen schnellen Überblick über seine Arbeit.

In summary, Workadventure allows remote workers to have the best of both worlds: the flexibility and convenience of working from home and the collaborative and social benefits of working in an office. It is a perfect tool for remote workers who want to be productive and stay connected with their team. Furthermore, Workadventure does not prevent private gatherings. For our Christmas party, everyone might have come to Bayreuth to have a wonderful cooking class together.


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