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NF Compose Open Source

As we all know, developing integration APIs from scratch can be quite a daunting task for companies. Often, they are written once and then left to hope they won't break in the future. But fear not! NF Compose is here to save the day!

NF Compose offers a fantastic solution, allowing you to focus on your own product while effortlessly providing standardized APIs defined by REST. Unlike self-developed APIs, where each API has to be defined, implemented, and tested manually, NF Compose takes care of all that hassle for you. It's all about simplicity and efficiency!

So, what sets NF Compose apart from in-house API development? Let's take a look at some of its outstanding features:

🔹 Strong and Granular Permission System: With NF Compose, you get a robust and precise permission system. Forget about treating permissions as an afterthought in your own development process.

🔹 Consistent User Experience Across the Whole API: NF Compose ensures a seamless and uniform user experience throughout the entire API, enhancing usability and user satisfaction.

🔹 Allows You to Focus on Core Business Needs: By using NF Compose, you can channel your efforts into the heart of your business, rather than spending excessive time on building and maintaining APIs.

🔹 Continuous Improvement by Experts: Benefit from continuous improvements and updates by industry experts, ensuring your APIs stay up-to-date and secure.

🔹 Built-in Entry Point for Reporting Software: With NF Compose, every API automatically defines an entry point for reporting software. Say hello to instant dashboards and data visualization!

🔹 Data Type Validation Out of the Box: NF Compose saves you the hassle of implementing data type validation manually for every endpoint.

🔹 Standardized Client Library (Python): Streamline your development process with a standardized client library in Python, making integration even smoother.

There are different kind of use cases to apply NF Compose:

As a data hub:

When developing a customized solution for a customer that needs to be integrated into a broader system landscape, NF Compose offers a convenient solution. By using NF Compose, you can provide the customer with a unified approach to data exchange through REST APIs without the need to write any code. Simply feed the DataSeries with the required data, and the customer can retrieve data at their convenience (pull-based) or receive real-time updates via Consumers (webhooks).

As an ingestion layer:

NF Compose offers an integration solution that goes beyond export functionality. For customers who need to send data to be processed within your core product, NF Compose provides a unified data drop-off point. Customers can easily push data to this endpoint. Within your app, you can use the consumer system with guaranteed delivery to efficiently consume the incoming data in real-time. Additionally, a pull-based approach is also available for more flexible data retrieval.

As a customization engine:

NF Compose offers a powerful customization layer to meet specific needs beyond the standard DataSeries concepts. With this feature, you can define custom endpoints that are authenticated and managed by NF Compose. This allows you to concentrate on the core business logic while conveniently co-locating custom APIs with auto-generated REST APIs behind a common login.

To use this engine, it only needs to be accessible via HTTP by the system. NF Compose also seamlessly integrates with Low-Code Tools like Node-RED, making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use NF Compose!

But wait, there's more! NF Compose is available on GitHub for everyone who wants to use it. You can access the source code, contribute to the project, and customize it to suit your specific needs. Embrace the convenience, focus on what matters most, and elevate your product to new heights with NF Compose!

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