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Regional companies jointly drive digital innovations - Neuronex

Neuronex is a cooperation project between NEDGEX and NeuroForge. NEDGEX GmbH is the digital unit of the NETZSCH Group in Selb and NeuroForge is a company from Bayreuth with expertise in artificial intelligence and data science as well as the development and contact partner in digital transformation.

Together, NeuroForge and NEDGEX are revolutionising image recognition in industry and developing neuronex - a new type of software whose goal is to simplify the process of image recognition. Existing CAD data is made usable for optical image recognition. Complex data labelling is therefore no longer necessary.

The areas of application for neuronex are versatile: With the help of neuronex, added value can be realised, for example, in quality assurance or in the recognition of spare parts.

More information will be available shortly.



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