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Mentorship Master Course "Prototyping and Business Model Development

The only two things in the world that keep growing are a person's age and NeuroForge's contribution to education.

Our CEO, Jonas Szalanczi, mentored a team for three months in the student course "Prototyping and Business Model Development" of the Masters "Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship". That was the birth of "Somee".

"Somee" is the concept for a confidential, easy-to-use and cloud-enabled meeting and bug tracking software for corporate collaboration. The students developed it in 4 sprint cycles using agile methods from a rough concept (a paper-based prototype) to a working digital MVP.

As part of the final project presentation of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Bayreuth, NeuroForge naturally also participated. The event took place at the end of July.

The team delivered an amazing presentation, received great feedback and will continue to develop the idea with NeuroForge in the future!

"Through the project with our practice partner NeuroForge, I was able to learn a lot in terms of agile project management. Jonas' inspiration in particular took the project to the next level. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jonas again for the very good coaching and the opportunity to present the project for further development outside the university."

Bastian Blum / Student at the University of Bayreuth

"The cooperation with NeuroForge during the joint university project was consistently positive, exciting and enriching. On the one hand, we got an insight into practical problems, and on the other hand, we were able to benefit from Jonas' experience and thus successfully complete our project."

Sandra Jeske / Student at the University of Bayreuth

"I thought the project was really cool and it was a lot of fun! Jonas always took time for us as a practice partner and gave us valuable feedback that helped our project and that we were able to implement well."

Pascal Peneva / Student at the University of Bayreuth

"I can only agree with the previous speakers! Through Jonas' experience and feedback, we were able to avoid some obvious mistakes in the design process. This ultimately led to an impressive prototype."

Matthias Hauenstein / Student at the University of Bayreuth

For more information, please visit the website of the University of Bayreuth "Digitalisation and Entrepreneurship".


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