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Jonas Szalanczi on the opportunity for Upper Franconia Upper Franconian Economy 03/04|21

In the current issue of "Oberfränkische Wirtschaft 03/04|21", the business newspaper of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Upper Franconia Bayreuth, our managing director and co-founder Jonas Szalanczi talks about the founding history and potential of the Upper Franconia region. (Hidden)Chance Upper Franconia - The most attractive and best region right now for

innovation and economic power My name is Jonas Szalanczi and I am the managing director of the company NeuroForge GmbH & Co. KG from

Bayreuth. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies from the field of artificial intelligence and BigData

we support our customers from the manufacturing industry with their challenges in the digital transformation.

digital transformation.

In times that are not so calm as these, I would like to use these lines and the opportunity to give you positive

from the perspective of a young company, to give you some positive thoughts to take with you on your way: January 2019 and

Computer scientists from the University of Bayreuth found an AI company in Bayreuth. "Why" was it right

on our doorstep so attractive to us, you ask? For once, it didn't take an AI to do it,

but a courageous look beyond one's own nose.

As a founder, even at the beginning you are attracted to the shining lights of the big metropolises, Nuremberg,

Nuremberg, Munich, almost infected. But when we took a sober look, we quickly realised:

Cross-industry innovative companies, whether world market leaders or small specialists, have been deliberately

have deliberately kept their location here in Upper Franconia. And why not, because there are the best

training opportunities here, from university studies to apprenticeships, thanks to an excellent network of (university) schools.

Housing for everyone, great nature, strong business and technology partners and an

excellent network of start-up centres.

For a young AI company, these were, in my view, the best prerequisites for growth and good work

and good work in contrast to the even struggling conditions in large metropolises of our

country. And in this decision we are confirmed every day. News and thus commitments

to Upper Franconia as a location, such as the production of electromobility, high-tech testing technology,

mechanical engineering, energy and health technology from Bayreuth, Selb, Hof, Rehau, Ebermannstadt,

Kemnath and many more make daily headlines in the news despite the current situation.

I would even put forward a thesis: Corona-related changes in the labour market, affordable

affordable housing, production made in Bavaria and yes, even if a sluggish but steady expansion, of the

infrastructure, whether bicycle, rail or broadband, will, with the above arguments, make this region and its

and your companies more attractive for everyone.

I would therefore like to invite you to see this pandemic as an opportunity and a new beginning, just as we did then

your and now our founding location as an opportunity for artificial intelligence development in this outstanding

development in this outstanding economic region.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the IHK Oberfranken Bayreuth and the entire editorial team of Oberfränkische Wirtschaft.

The IHK for Upper Franconia Bayreuth is one of 79 chambers of industry and commerce in Germany. It is committed to the interests of the regional economy, the strengthening of the Upper Franconian location and the professional qualification of people.

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