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Data Engineering and Security School 2023 Lviv

The present state of affairs highlights the significance of IT education as a catalyst for change and a safeguard of internet security, particularly during periods of active cyberattacks.

This is why Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, even in these trying times, has not only kept its commitment to host the fourth iteration of its winter IT school, "Data Engineering & Security," but has also managed to achieve the greatest scale of the project to date. DES-2023 involves approximately 1000 participants, 26 collaborating companies, 80 lectures and hands-on sessions, 70 speakers from leading IT companies, and a 10-day intensive training program.

During the opening ceremony, which was held on the 23rd of January, our CTO Martin Braun delivered a short speech about the importance of modernization of STEM education and how companies like NeuroForge can take part in this process.

Later this day, together with our experts Artem Shalemanov (Data Scientist) and Sebastian Lützow (Senior BigData Developer), Martin held a cycle of lectures dedicated to "Data Journey" — a step-by-step guide about going from raw data to cleaning the data, to ingesting the data and finally visualizing data to gain insights in Business Intelligence Software.

Along with that, Artem was holding a separate lecture "Python for data visualization" aimed to give an introduction to how Python can be used for data visualization with a focus on the exploratory phase of data engineering.

We got lots of positive feedback from students and were happy to tell them more about the journey of an IT specialist in the modern world.

We're looking forward to new collaborations with the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and are willing to strengthen our efforts in forming new educational models for a new generation of IT experts!

"Are you a young and driven developer looking for a company that can match your passion for cutting-edge technology? Look no further than NeuroForge! As a part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects in a dynamic environment that will help you reach your full potential. Join us and let's build the future together!"


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