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5€ Business

NeuroForge continues to support local education efforts and start-up communities in partnership with the University of Bayreuth.

Lately, the 5€ Business event took place, and our CEO Jonas Szalanci was a mentor of team Somee, one of 13 other teams presenting their ideas.

The idea of team Somee is a software solution that supports communication in digital age projects by allowing all stakeholders to interact through a single tool in a simple manner, where no information is lost and customer feedback plays a central role.

They have a diverse team with educational backgrounds in computer science, engineering, and business. With various experiences, they have worked on projects across different industries. Moreover, they have collaborated on various projects during their studies.

Through their joint studies in digitalization and entrepreneurship they identified the gap in support of digital communication and set the goal to overcome this gap.

At the 5-Euro-Business competition, students from various disciplines have the opportunity to start their own company with only 5 euros of starting capital for the duration of one semester, and experience entrepreneurship firsthand. They receive the necessary knowledge and skills through seminars in marketing, project management, and law, while local business executives serve as mentors to advise and guide the teams. At a major concluding event, the student teams showcase their achievements and compete for the top spots at their university or college.

MALU Polarfuchs won the first-place award. The #MALUPolarfuchs product is a warming belt designed to relieve back pain. It fits the lumbar spine perfectly and soothes the muscles.

The second prize was awarded to PULS - Pause Ur Life Smart. #PauseUrLifeSmart is an interactive digital solution aimed at promoting a dynamic workday and bringing more movement into office life.

We send our huge congratulations to the winners and wish them to bring their ideas to a successful future! As well as we're looking forward to helping more great ideas become start-ups at the 5 Euro Business event next year!


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