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Innovation Made In Bayreuth

We are the spear head of the digital transformation. We believe in the power of AI and Big Data management and empower companies of every scale to make the most of it. 

Future Made In Germany

With our founding location in Bayreuth, Bavaria, we want to set an example for the region of Upper Franconia as well as for the Free State of Bavaria. For development and consulting in the field of artificial intelligence, manufacturing companies can rely on NeuroForge as a service provider and partner in Germany.

Against The Skills Shortage

We founded NeuroForge with the goal of being your contact for all questions regarding artificial intelligence, big data and new digital technologies. German medium-sized businesses are especially close to our hearts. We are happy to assist you in all technical questions, quality assurance or predictions of process-critical variables.

100% Remote

Since our founding, we have relied on the concept of remote working. As innovators at the spearhead of digitalization and as an IT service provider, we use all technical possibilities. We also make our digital service available to our customers and partners at all times.

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Challenge Accepted

Our claim is to always work with the highest quality standards in everything we do. We always analyze our own processes critically and do not shy away from progress. We always see challenges as an opportunity to prove our expertise.

Open Source

As part of our philosophy, we rely on the potential of open source software, among other things, out of conviction. For this reason, we want to promote open source projects whenever possible and make developments from our house available to the world.

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Inclusion & Diversity

In our team we pay attention to community and equality, therefore we have set ourselves the task to create an open working atmosphere. As a small team, we open the possibilities of direct exchange and involve everyone in the development process of the company. Cooperation at eye level is our top priority, we break down hierarchical barriers and actively combat discrimination and inequality.

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