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Summarize all your threads in seconds to boost your productivity.

Cloud Window Words

Visualize Knowledge.

Turn your team's collective knowledge into a work of art.


With Cloud-Window you'll see your team's insights as a captivating word cloud. The bigger the interaction, the larger the word – a stunning visual representation of your team's most impactful discussions.

Summarize Threads.

In today's fast-paced business world, staying informed is everything.


With Cloud-Window, you'll never miss a beat. Start Teams, and voilà! A concise, tailored summary of all the recent discussions awaits you.


With just one short precise summary, you're up to speed and ready to conquer your day.

Cloud Window Summarize
Cloud Window Contributors

Future of Collaboration.

We're not stopping at summaries and keywords. Cloud-Window is constantly evolving to meet your team's needs.


Our future development will cover in-depth summaries of specific threads, identification of top contributors and the option to jump to the respective message with ease.

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