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Discover how NeuroForge can help you to unlock your full potential


We help you to make usage of AI tools and save more time and ressources. 

Our team of experienced programmers helps you in all AI related questions. From consulting requests, to AI workshops, usage of our in-house AI products, and the development of own AI solutions that matches your needs. We at NeuroForge got you covered!

AI Products

We have developed a variety of powerful tools and pre-built models that can make your everyday life easier with the help of artificial intelligence. With our easy-to-use products, you can quickly and efficiently integrate AI into your projects, saving time and resources.

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Screenshot 2023-05-25 135355.png

LLM Training

Developing and operating AI projects is a major challenge for many companies, especially when it comes about training the LLM (large language models) with the right data. With NeuroForge's expertise, you will master them and be perfectly positioned and several steps ahead of your competitors. 


Together with our experts, we develop an AI strategy tailored to your company that perfectly fits your current business model and makes you fit for the digital present and future.

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Screenshot 2023-05-25 141520.png

AI Workshop

Our AI workshop will help you identify untapped application areas, allowing you to discover new opportunities to significantly optimize business processes and gain competitive advantage.

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